Why Replace When You Can Re-Face Your Kitchen!

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As the recent recession hit, we found ourselves to be just like many of you.  We wanted to watch our finances and make the most out of each dollar.  As we looked for ways to upgrade a kitchen without breaking the bank we found an amazing solution, and Instant Granite was born.  Instant Granite allows you to get the look of entirely new kitchen remodel without actually having to physically (and financially) remodel the kitchen.

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Decor Tips For 2013: Matching Cherry Cabinets with New Countertops.

If you want to match new counter tops to existing cherry cabinets, Speckled granite is a great option.  Instant...

April 6, 2013 |

Homemade Granite Island

I love the butcher’s block counter tops and island in our kitchen.  However, we are starting to get a...

March 14, 2013 |

Why You Shouldn’t Remodel Your Kitchen

Many people see the newly built and remodeled kitchens in magazines or on television and desire the same look in...

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