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“I read every review, watched every video, and gained all of the information I could before I ordered. I ordered just enough for our island so I could test it out and make sure it would be worth purchasing enough for our whole kitchen.

We installed it and for the next week I did everything I could think of to make sure it would wear well. I placed hot pots directly from the stove onto it, I allowed dishes to slide across, i allowed small spills to sit for a while. I used it as much as I could and in all honesty, it held up nicely much to my surprise! I was so happy with the way that even in a small amount it had already started to transform our kitchen.” [Read Entire Post]

Rachel Elizabeth, Interior Designer Blogger
Rachel Elizabeth Creates

“Hey there friends!  I am so excited to tell you about a new product I tried. It’s a game changer if you want to update your counters but just can’t swing it financially. And no, this is not a sponsored post this is just a result of the fact that I’m cheap.” [Read Entire Post]


Stephanie Kent, Interior Designer Blogger
The Styled Soul

“It’s called “Instant Granite”…there are a lot of different versions of it but this is I guess the first and best one that was made. It’s a sort of heavy vinyl covering. Its by a company called “Appliance Art”…So I believe they make covers for appliances as well (Like if you wanted your white refrigerator to look stainless steel…they got you covered)..” [Read Entire Post]

Kelly Alberts, Design & DIY Enthusiast
Sequins and Scissors

“If you’ve ever hated your countertops but haven’t been able to afford to replace them, I HIGHLY recommend trying this product for a quick and easy fix!” [Read Entire Post]

Jess, DIY Enthusiast
Bright Green Door

“Thank you to Instant Granite for providing me with the tools to make my kitchen look amazing! We are so pleased with the results. All love and opinions are 100% my own.” [Read Entire Post]

Jennifer Sikora, DIY Enthusiast
Jen Around The World

“I think the most impressive kitchen renovation was the Instant Granite. If you have never seen this, here are some pictures of the process. It is basically a vinyl wrap. It looks pretty dang good for being a sticker! It took my husband and I about 4 hours to do with 2 kids and a dog running around.” [Read Entire Post]

Ali, DIY Enthusiast & Blogger
The Mamas Girls

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Instant Granite Tips & Tricks

Memorial Day Activities for Your Family

Americans celebrate Memorial Day on the last Monday of May. This year, the holiday will fall on May 29. The day is dedicated to commemorating all the men and women in uniform who died in the service of their fellow Americans. People often attend parades or memorial...

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Increase Your Rental Property’s Value

Your rental property should be periodically upgraded in order to increase or maintain its value. It should be clean and free from any significant defects. A neglected rental property may not command a competitive rent rate, and the tenants will be frustrated with...

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Instant Granite Chestnut

Instant Granite manufactures instant granite film that will transform your countertops and other smooth surfaces into granite in a matter of minutes. The beautifully designed products can be used to update or protect countertops in the kitchen, bathroom, workshop,...

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Thanks, Mom

Every second Sunday of May, we honor our mothers. This year, the big day falls on May 14, giving us all the opportunity to give back to the mothers and mother figures who have freely given their time and love to help us become the people we are. In the rush of days,...

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Spring Home Improvement Tips

From renovating a room inside, to planting a tree outside, there are several ways to improve your home this spring. Start with the basics and get a new look in your kitchen.  Re-do your counters for a luxury look with a budget price with DIY marble and granite from...

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More Rental Property Tips

While it is recommended you upgrade the kitchen appliances in the rental every 5 years,  a few cheap and easy improvements that can be made in between renters that will allow you to increase the rent $50 - $100 a month. To make appliances look like new, you can apply...

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Why You Shouldn’t Remodel Your Kitchen

Many people see the newly built and remodeled kitchens in magazines or on television and desire the same look in their house. The idea is that the investment will be returned when the house is sold. However, this is an erroneous assumption. For the past five years,...

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Prep Your Kitchen for a Quick Sale

The only room that sells a house faster than a great Master Bath, is a great kitchen. Here are tips to get your kitchen ready to sell your house. Organize. Make sure your counter tops are as clear as possible as to provide lots of workspace. De-clutter your cupboards...

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Homemade Granite Island

I love the butcher’s block counter tops and island in our kitchen. However, we are starting to get a little sick of all the wood. We considered changing the counter tops to granite or marble, but we love the unique look the butcher’s blocks give. Se we thought we’d...

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Spring Cleaning in the Kitchen?

This time of the year, we are all switching out our seasonal clothing, getting rid of clutter around the home, detailing yards, etc . . . But one area of the house that often gets overlooked is the kitchen. We may clean out the fridge, maybe the stove, but that’s it....

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