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Instant Granite offers an instant marble countertop that will transform your old surfaces into new and elegant-looking ones. Instant Granite provides a peerless faux granite or marble solution, allowing homeowners to upgrade their kitchen without breaking the bank. Installing real granite or marble could gobble up your remodeling budget, leaving very little money for other improvements. Instant Granite vinyl film, however, gives the look of the real deal for a fraction of the cost.

Instant Granite white Italian Marble

Instant Granite is an adhesive product with a removable backing. It is simple to install and can be used to cover countertops, tables, walls, cabinets or any other flat surface.

Instant Granite’s White Italian Marble is one of the most popular choices for countertop covers. It has the subtle veining of real marble and provides a clean and elegant look. It closely mirrors the patterns of Statuario Venato marble.

Instant Granite uses only the top of the line PVC vinyl for its products. Thousands of homeowners and installation contractors have used Instant Granite White Italian Marble for upgrading surfaces. In winter, the white in the covering evokes the look of freshly fallen snow.

Our White Italian Marble product comes with easy-to-understand instructions, installation tools and a link to online videos that will walk you through the installation process. Our product is easy to clean. You can wipe it down with ordinary household cleaners to remove dirt or grease. It is fade-resistant and maintains its original luster years after installation.

If you get tired of your countertop cover, you could easily remove it without damaging the surface beneath. You can then replace it with another beautifully executed Instant Granite design.