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Your kitchen countertop sits in one of the most focal and oft-visited parts of your home. For that reason, many people will upgrade their countertop before touching the other parts of their house. But getting a new countertop can be a major investment, and there are a number of things you need to consider in the lead-up to that decision.

Countertop Buying and Installing Mistakes

(Pixabay / JamesDemers)

If you’re pondering a counter replacement, avoid these common mistakes for counter selection and installation:

  • Prioritizing color over quality – It’s easy to become enamored with certain colors and patterns for countertop materials, but they should not be your main priority. Instead, you should focus on the quality of the material used and the attendant maintenance. White granite can really sparkle when it’s all clean, but it’s sometimes difficult to keep it looking that way. And if you get white granite that is very porous, expect to spend extra to keep its appearance in check.
  • Above-counter sinks – Maybe you have seen a top-mounted sink in the bathroom of a five-star hotel. Perhaps you loved the unique look and wanted to replicate it in your own home. Unless you are going to hire a team of housekeepers, however, you will find that a top-mounted sink can be a major headache. The ring around the sink traps debris, dirt, and bacteria, which are difficult to clean.
  • Overspending on thickness – Many people want thick granite countertops, but it’s really tough to find a slab that exceeds 1.25 inches. If you want something thicker, you’ll need to glue a couple slabs together, but this can get really expensive
  • Buying from the wrong seller – You will be paying more for your granite countertop when you buy from a retailer. If you can buy from a wholesaler, however, you can get a comparable quality for significantly less.
  • Measuring mistakes – As they say, measure twice, cut once. A slight mistake in your measurement could result in the wrong size of countertop and a whole lot of wasted money. Make sure to measure your countertop with great precision.
  • Hiring out sloppy installation – Granite countertops aren’t cheap, so once you have purchased one, make sure that you hire the right people to install it carefully. Look for an experienced granite countertop installer who will do the job right.

Plan carefully to avoid these common mistakes.