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When people purchase a home, they will often spend endless hours improving it. Some homeowners may completely transform a house within several short months of inhabiting it.

Instant Granite White Italian Marble

In improving a house, it is natural to give special focus to the kitchen. Family members tend to gravitate there to prepare and eat meals, discuss important topics, and gather with friends. It is truly the epicenter of the home.

Stephanie, a lover of all-things-design, is on a mission to help others live an inspired life. She recently told us of her journey to improve her house, which began, of course, in the kitchen. Stephanie stained the cabinets, a mammoth job that she later said was worth every bit of time and effort that she invested.

The most recent change to Stephanie’s kitchen was the updated countertops. She was originally planning to buy new counters. Instead, she chose to use Instant Granite for a temporary makeover. This allowed her to devote resources to other high-priority remodeling projects.

Instant Granite is a peel-and-stick vinyl that gives old surfaces the look of expensive stone. The product allows you to have an instant marble or granite countertop in just a couple of hours without spending much money.

Stephanie’s original plan was for her kitchen to have white cabinets and butcher block counters. She changed her mind at the last minute, however, deciding to go with a dark cabinet finish. She chose the pattern of her Instant Granite to match her new kitchen. The light color of the faux marble countertops perfectly complemented the rich, dark hues of her new cabinets.

Stephanie used Instant Granite’s white Italian marble featuring subtle veining that created an elegant and clean look. The marble’s pattern is similar to Statuario Venato. The Instant Granite white Italian marble will transform your countertops into an upscale granite look-alike in a matter of minutes. Anybody can have a gorgeous new kitchen look for a fraction of the cost of with easy-to-apply instant marble countertops.