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“Can you transform a bathroom by changing most of the surfaces, including counter tops, for under $100? YES! Can you transform a drab Formica surface to a beautiful faux marble counter top for less than $50? YES!


I hated these black countertops, and I I figured I would have to wait until we had the money to replace the entire vanity.  But low and behold you’ll never guess what I found…INSTANT GRANITE!” [Read Entire Post]

Lindsey Manning, DIY Blogger
Repurpose and Upcycle

“I read every review, watched every video, and gained all of the information I could before I ordered. I ordered just enough for our island so I could test it out and make sure it would be worth purchasing enough for our whole kitchen.

We installed it and for the next week I did everything I could think of to make sure it would wear well. I placed hot pots directly from the stove onto it, I allowed dishes to slide across, i allowed small spills to sit for a while. I used it as much as I could and in all honesty, it held up nicely much to my surprise! I was so happy with the way that even in a small amount it had already started to transform our kitchen.” [Read Entire Post]

Rachel Elizabeth, Interior Designer Blogger
Rachel Elizabeth Creates

“The most recent change in the kitchen is the updated counters. Instead of buying new counters right away I decided to use Instant Granite to give them a temporary makeover while we move some other remodel projects, that have higher priority, to the top of the list. Instant Granite is a peel-and-stick vinyl that gives counters the look of granite or marble.” [Read Entire Post]


Stephanie Kent, Interior Designer Blogger
The Styled Soul

“It’s called “Instant Granite”…there are a lot of different versions of it but this is I guess the first and best one that was made. It’s a sort of heavy vinyl covering. Its by a company called “Appliance Art”…So I believe they make covers for appliances as well (Like if you wanted your white refrigerator to look stainless steel…they got you covered)..” [Read Entire Post]

Kelly Alberts, Design & DIY Enthusiast
Sequins and Scissors

“If you’ve ever hated your countertops but haven’t been able to afford to replace them, I HIGHLY recommend trying this product for a quick and easy fix!” [Read Entire Post]

Jess, DIY Enthusiast
Bright Green Door

“Thank you to Instant Granite for providing me with the tools to make my kitchen look amazing! We are so pleased with the results. All love and opinions are 100% my own.” [Read Entire Post]

Jennifer Sikora, DIY Enthusiast
Jen Around The World

“I think the most impressive kitchen renovation was the Instant Granite. If you have never seen this, here are some pictures of the process. It is basically a vinyl wrap. It looks pretty dang good for being a sticker! It took my husband and I about 4 hours to do with 2 kids and a dog running around.” [Read Entire Post]

Ali, DIY Enthusiast & Blogger
The Mamas Girls

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Instant Granite Tips & Tricks

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Instant Granite Luna Pearl

Luna Pearl granite is one of the world’s most beautiful and intricately designed versions of the stone. It makes an elegant statement in the kitchen and other parts of the home. Adding Luna Pearl granite surfaces to your home will instantly increase its value, but...

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Installation Ideas for Instant Granite Countertops

Is your limited budget keeping you from replacing your scratched, stained, and forlorn-looking countertops? Granite or marble countertops look elegant and sleek, but the price of the two popular countertop materials is prohibitive. Rather than breaking the bank, you...

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Instant Granite Ubatuba Black

Instant Granite film will give your countertops and other smooth surfaces the sleek look of granite in a matter of minutes. Instant Granite can provide a fast upgrade to your countertops in the kitchen, workshop, laundry room, bathroom, or wet bar. The Instant Granite...

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