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Instant Granite vinyl is a great option for upgrading your home’s countertops in the kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, or workshop. It is also a smart choice for the office. Instant Granite is available in granite, marble, and other stone designs. It is an economical replacement for outdated countertops. As many of the products’ users can attest, it is hard to tell the difference between an Instant Granite vinyl marble countertop and bona fide marble.

Granite in Office

(Pixabay / Pexels)

If the cost of real marble is beyond your budget, then an Instant Granite DIY marble countertop upgrade is an excellent alternative. You will get the elegant look of real marble at a fraction of the cost.

The following are some of the uses of Instant Granite for your business office:

  • Conference room table – Traditional conference tables are made of glass or wood, but you don’t have to stick to tradition to bring a chic look to your conference room. For a classy look, cover your table with Instant Granite film in any design—whether granite, marble, or other stone.
  • Office counters – Wooden or Formica counters at offices can look drab. Breathe life into counters with Instant Granite vinyl film in rich stone patterns.
  • Break-room tables – Formica is the common material for many break-room tables. Dare to be different with Instant Granite vinyl coverings.
  • Pantry counters – Just like the break-room tables, pantry counters are typically made of Formica. Liven up your office with look-alike granite film.
  • Reception table – This surface is the first one your visitors will see. Impress your clients by installing coverings with the look of granite or marble.
  • Office tables – You’ve seen the standard dark wood tables. Pep them up with Instant Granite film in a variety of different designs.

If you like Instant Granite in your home, you’ll love it in your office. You can take Instant Granite vinyl film to work for beautiful results that won’t break the bank.