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Granite is a popular and attractive material for countertops. Granite countertops add elegance and sophistication to any house. When people upgrade their homes, one of their first moves is often to install granite countertops to add a classy new look and increase the home’s value.

Granite Countertops Toll on the Environment

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Granite and other minerals are mined from the bowels of the earth where they were formed many years ago. Humans have mined stones and metals since pre-historic times. The mining of minerals involves a complicated process of prospecting for ore bodies, analyzing the potential of the proposed mine site, and extracting minerals.

Mining operations for the extraction of granite create a negative impact on the environment. This doesn’t end once the mining processes stop. A mind can continue to be a drain on the environment even after it is closed. For that reason, many governments have imposed restrictions on mining activities within their jurisdictions.

Granite is harvested from an open-pit mine. After the granite has been mined from an area, the open pit turns into landfill. While there is an environmental benefit to a landfill, it’s important to consider all of the resources that were destroyed in the process of getting to the landfill state. To create an open-pit mine, the vegetation in the topsoil must be scraped out in order to expose the deeper portion of the earth where the granite is found. Then the area is excavated in order to retrieve the stone, which is then shipped to factories and cut by gang saws into granite slabs.

Granite is a non-renewable resource. It takes hundreds of years to form. While it is not known when the world’s supply of granite will run out, many people contend that we owe it to the Earth and the future generation to conserve limited resources.

People who want to have beautiful countertops in their homes and protect the environment can use Instant Granite vinyl countertop film. The film is easy to apply on top of your old countertop and looks like real granite. It can be used to protect or update an old countertop at a fraction of the cost of real granite.