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Halloween is one holiday when people can put their DIY talents to good use. Instead of buying Halloween decorations for the home, they can make their own.

Halloween Interior Decorating Designs

(Pixabay / bohed)

Here are some Halloween items that you can create with a little elbow grease and artistic flair:

  • Cobweb coasters – Guests can rest their cups or glasses on these cobweb coasters for the holiday. Chances are that you have all of the supplies for these coasters lying around the house. Start with five bobby pins. Hook them onto a 3/8-inch flat metal washer. Wrap thread or twine around the washer, threading it through each of the five bobby pins. Get a can of white spray paint and color your creation white. Add small toy spiders to your web.
  • Vampire napkin rings – You can complement your cobweb coasters with these spooky napkin rings. Splash white napkins with Kool-Aid to create the appearance of blood. Get sets of plastic vampire teeth and white twist ties. Insert the twist ties through the teeth. Secure the twist ties around the center of your cloth napkins.
  • Boo bottles – Perrier water bottles will give you the ideal shape for your project. Remove the bottles’ labels and caps and spray them white. Use a black marker to draw faces on them. Put colorful straws in the bottles and use them as ghostly centerpieces.
  • Ghostly lanterns – Empty a couple of milk gallons. Remove the labels and clean them thoroughly. Then draw spooky faces on the gallons’ surfaces. Fill them with white holiday lights and use them to decorate the entryways of your home. They will provide an eerie glow that is just right for Halloween.

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