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Thanksgiving Day, celebrated every fourth Thursday of November, has its roots in English traditions that date back to the Protestant Reformation. Thanksgiving Day rituals tie back to the harvest festivals of old and encourage participants to reflect on the year’s bounty. The celebration has both religious and secular undertones. The religious aspect is manifested through offerings and prayers of thanksgiving for the year’s blessings. The secular facets of the celebration are evident in parades and football games that mark the day.

Heartfelt Thanks from Instant Granite

(Pixabay / Element5Digital)

In the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday, all of us at Instant Granite want to thank our loyal customers for their patronage. We thrive on the loyalty and positive feedback from our patrons and are thrilled to offer our customers the look of real granite and marble countertops for a fraction of the price.

We manufacture Instant Granite countertop vinyl to update or protect the countertops in your kitchen, bathroom, workshop, wet bar or laundry room. Instant Granite is also ideal for use on office or conference tables or for school and craft projects. It can even work as a wall covering.

It’s difficult to tell the difference between real and fake granite when it comes to our vinyl designs. Our expert graphic designers create different patterns from real pieces of granite or marble. They start by making high-resolution scans of intricate stone finishes to create a repeating pattern of true-to-life design. This is not merely a computer-generated product.

Our countertop vinyl is fade-resistant and easy to sanitize using ordinary household cleaners. When you’re ready for another one of our beautiful patterns, you can remove the vinyl without hassle and without damaging the surface below.

Thank you for supporting our fake granite countertop products. All of us at Instant Granite wish you the happiest of holidays.