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When you renovate your home, you stand to markedly increase its value. Updates to the bathrooms and kitchen typically pay dividends in terms of resale value. The kitchen, in particular, tends to get the most scrutiny as the nerve center of the home.

Increase homes value

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The kitchen is often the room that people notice first and the area where home dwellers and visitors are most likely to congregate. If it has sufficient “wow factor,” the entire house will present more favorably.

To upgrade your kitchen, you don’t have to do a total overhaul. Rather than gutting your current kitchen, you can make some basic improvements that will give the kitchen a fresh, new look without breaking the bank or monopolizing your time.

Here are a few simple but stylish upgrade ideas:

  • Cabinets – Old cabinet doors showed their hinges. Try replacing your cabinet doors with European-style doors with hidden hardware and stylish finishes. This investment will go a long way in modernizing your kitchen. If your cabinet doors are still in good shape, try replacing the knobs or pulls for a new look.
  • Kitchen lighting – If your kitchen glows under the bright haze of fluorescent lights, it’s time to make a change. Consider recessed lighting and task lighting, to include chandeliers or pendants over the kitchen island.
  • Kitchen appliances – Even if your kitchen appliances are still working, they may not be energy-efficient, and they may be colored in distinctly unstylish hues (think avocado green or mustard yellow). Opt for modern appliances in stainless steel.
  • Fresh paint – You can transform your kitchen with only a few gallons of paint. Cover the scratches and years of stains on your cabinetry by repainting them white for a timeless and fresh look. If your kitchen wall color is outdated, repaint it with neutral colors to create the impression of a bigger space.
  • Modernize your countertops – If you have old countertops in unstylish finishes, you may find yourself salivating over granite and marble iterations. Don’t count yourself out, though, if granite countertops are beyond your budget. Instant Granite vinyl film looks like the costly stone surface but can be installed at a small fraction of the price. The sleek covering will give you an instant granite or instant marble countertop. Installation is simple: clean your surface, apply the vinyl, and voila—you’ll have instant marble to add elegance and class to your kitchen.

Don’t break the bank. A few well-placed upgrades can add a dazzling new look to your kitchen and improve its resale value, too.