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Is your limited budget keeping you from replacing your scratched, stained, and forlorn-looking countertops? Granite or marble countertops look elegant and sleek, but the price of the two popular countertop materials is prohibitive. Rather than breaking the bank, you can give your countertop a classy, new look for a fraction of the price with Instant Granite. And the bonus is that you don’t have to hire professional installers because you can apply it yourself.

Installation Ideas for Instant Granite Countertops

(Pixabay / Wkedersha)

Instant Granite countertop vinyl protects and updates your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and wet bar countertops for a fraction of the price of the real thing. It is available in granite, stone, and marble designs to complement your home upgrade.

If you can handle basic tools, you can install instant the vinyl. You’ll have the elegant look of a new countertop and the satisfaction of knowing that you put it in place yourself.

The Instant Granite vinyl will be delivered to your home on a big roll. The first step of the installation process will be to clean the countertop surface. You will need to make sure that the surface is clean and dust-free. You can use Windex or other mild household products, then dry the countertop thoroughly before installation.

Cut the size of Instant Granite that you will need. Make sure to leave a few inches of material on the edges, which you can trim later as needed. To straighten the vinyl when covering a large surface, remove about 6 inches of the backing paper to allow you to line it up at the edge of the counter. Pull the material taut enough to avoid creases during the installation process.

Smooth down an initial section of the Instant Granite to allow air to escape. Then slowly remove the backing paper using one hand while smoothing down the film with the other. Always begin from the center, pressing out to the edges. This will allow you to push out the air from the countertop’s center.
Make the countertop cover smooth by using a squeegee to flatten out any creases or air bubbles. If you notice an air bubble at the end of the installation, simply prick it with a needle, then smooth it out.

Use a hair dryer or a heat gun when working on edges or corners to make the application easier. You can trim along the edges of the counter or wrap the film under the counter. If there is a sink, you can caulk around it. If there are areas that are not as smooth as you want, run a hair dryer on a low setting over the material to make it fit tighter.