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If you accidentally stain your bathroom countertop, you could be left with an unsightly blemish and no way to repair it. One of our customers (Kelly) suggested a solution in her charming Sequins and Scissors blog. Kelly found herself in the situation of needing to cover up a countertop stain without having to replace the surface itself. In the process, she stumbled upon our Instant Granite product. She checked the YouTube installation videos and saw how easy it is to apply our instant vinyl film.

Installation Ideas from Instant Granite Customers

She ordered a 36” x 36” piece of Instant Granite Venetian Gold for $40, including shipping. Her order arrived after a few days, and she soon started on her project. Kelly made sure that she was ready with her tools before embarking on the project. She didn’t need much, just an X-ACTO knife, a pair of scissors, a squeegee (included with product), and a hairdryer.

Kelly thoroughly cleaned her work area, making sure that there was no dust or debris on her countertop. She was able to eliminate any wrinkles in the vinyl film by peeling off and repositioned the film a few times. She used her X-Acto knife to cut around the sink. She then used her hair dryer to stretch the film into place, eliminating any final wrinkles.

Thanks for sharing your experience, Kelly. Like Kelly, many American homeowners (and renters) are discovering the magic of Instant Granite. Many people use it to give the look of a granite countertop in their kitchen, but it’s also very useful for covering tables, walls, laundry room surfaces, dresser shelves, and more. It’s easy to install and clean, and if you want to switch it out or remove it, you can simply peel it off. It will not damage your original surface.