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Instant Granite manufactures instant granite film that will transform your countertops and other smooth surfaces into granite in a matter of minutes. The beautifully designed products can be used to update or protect countertops in the kitchen, bathroom, workshop, laundry room, or wet bar. They are the perfect complement to any upgrade in your house or office.

Instant Granite Chestnut

Instant Granite is available in different colors, including Instant Granite Chestnut. Instant Granite is among the best faux granite solutions on the market. Real granite can be prohibitively expensive, but Instant Granite can be installed for a small fraction of the price.

Instant Granite Chestnut comes with installation tools, instructions, and links to videos that will show you how to apply the film without hassle or fuss. The film is fade-resistant, easy to clean, removable, and will not damage your original counter surfaces.

Instant Granite Chestnut is available in four different sizes: 3’x3’, 3’x6’, 3’x12’, and 3’x18’. Each film piece has bubble-free backing to make installation frustration-free. When you want a change, you can remove the covering easily without leaving any adhesive residue behind.

Your order of Instant Granite Chestnut will come with a hand-held squeegee for easy and convenient installation. When you install the granite film, you will need some other basic tools that you likely have on hand, such as a pair of scissors or a utility knife, a tape measure or a straight edge ruler, pencil or pen, and a hair dryer or heat gun.

Instant Granite Chestnut will adhere to any smooth surface. Make sure that the surface is dust-free and dry before you install the film. If the surface is rough, sand it until it is smooth prior to the application. After installation, you can wipe the film clean with Windex or other household cleaners. Why pay a fortune to modernize your kitchen? Instant Granite Chestnut can add class and style on a shoestring.