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Luna Pearl granite is one of the world’s most beautiful and intricately designed versions of the stone. It makes an elegant statement in the kitchen and other parts of the home.

Instant Granite Luna Pearl

Adding Luna Pearl granite surfaces to your home will instantly increase its value, but you’ll shell out a small fortune to acquire the stone. Don’t give up, though. Even with a limited budget, you can give your countertops the classy look of Luna Pearl with Instant Granite vinyl film. The vinyl granite countertop material is a cost-effective way to upgrade your home or office with the look of real granite. Instant Granite manufactures vinyl surfaces that can approximate the appearance of the real thing.

There are many Instant Granite film designs, one of which is the classic Luna Pearl. Instant Granite Luna Pearl is easy to install. It comes with simple DIY instructions, tools, and links to video sites that will show you proper installation procedures.

Once installed, the Instant Granite Luna Pearl is easy to wash using ordinary household cleaners. The film is fade-resistant so it will look new year after year. Should you get tired of your instant granite countertop, you can simply peel it off and replace it with another design without compromising the original surface.

Instant Granite Luna Pearl will adhere to any smooth surface that is clean and dust-free. It provides a cost effective way to get a sophisticated upgrade.