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Instant Granite film will give your countertops and other smooth surfaces the sleek look of granite in a matter of minutes. Instant Granite can provide a fast upgrade to your countertops in the kitchen, workshop, laundry room, bathroom, or wet bar.

Instant Granite Ubatuba Black

The Instant Granite graphic designers make high-resolution scans of actual granite or marble tiles in order to create a repeating pattern on vinyl. Instant Granite designs are not computer-generated images—they are pictures of the real deal.

Instant Granite comes in different colors, including the popular ubatuba black option. The company’s faux-granite product is unparalleled in the industry. It affords the sophistication of rich stone for just a fraction of the price

The Instant Granite film can be wiped off with a damp rag and regular household cleaner. It is fade resistant and will adhere to any smooth surface as long as it is dust and dirt-free.

Your order of Instant Granite Ubatuba Black will be delivered with installation instructions and a free hand-held squeegee. To apply the film, you will need a pair of scissors or a utility knife, a tape measure, a pencil or pen, and a heat gun or hair dryer.

Follow the instructions step by step, and you will discover how easy it is to install the film. If you want a change, you can simply peel it off without damaging the original surface. You can go back to your old countertop or install a new Instant Granite design or color.