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Instant Granite is an economical way of bringing elegance to your home. Your kitchen will look old and tired if your countertop is chipped and stained. If you replace your old countertop with any hard stone, such as granite or marble, you will spend a small fortune. But before you open your pocketbook, consider Instant Granite countertop coverings. The product costs a small fraction of real stone, yet it’s hard to tell the difference between the Instant Granite vinyl film covering and actual granite.

countertop installation tools

You can easily install the Instant Granite film that you ordered by following the installation instructions that come with your order. And of course, you will need some tools.

Here are a few tools to have ready before you start applying your Instant Granite:

  • Sandpaper – If your substrate is rough, you will need to smooth it out using sandpaper. A surface with bumps or dents will make your faux granite look rough and unprofessional.
  • Tape measure – This is essential for measuring your countertop and the vinyl film that you cut and install. Measure carefully. You could waste the film if your calculations are off.
  • Pencil or pen – You will need something to mark the area on the counter where you will start your installation.
  • Scissors or X-ACTO knife – It’s too unwieldy to work with the whole roll of Instant Granite vinyl at once. You will need a cutting tool to trim it down to a manageable size. You can also use the tool to trim the edges of the vinyl film.
  • Hair dryer or heat gun – You will need to apply heat in order to stretch the film and make it stick to the surface.

Armed with these tools, you can transform your old countertop into an elegant one by applying the Instant Granite vinyl film of your choice.