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The only room that sells a house faster than a great Master Bath, is a great kitchen. Here are tips to get your kitchen ready to sell your house.

  1. Organize.

Make sure your counter tops are as clear as possible as to provide lots of workspace. De-clutter your cupboards and fridge.

  1. Look at the walls.

A safe neutral color is the safest and most effective option. Be sure to replace chipped or broken tiles in the back splash.

  1. Look at the cabinets.

If the cabinets are falling apart, they may need replacing. Otherwise a quick coat of paint and fresh handles and knobs make a huge difference.

  1. Look at the appliances.

New and matching appliances are the easiest way to make a splash in the kitchen. But if this is not in your budget, you can apply Instant Stainless or Appliance Art covers to coordinate your appliances and get them to match each other.

  1. Look at the counter tops.

If your counters are scratched, chipped, or faded, consider replacing. While marble or stone are the best options, they are not in many budgets. New laminate counters are a cheaper option. However, an even cheaper option is Instant Granite. These are available in many styles of granite and are cheap and easy to install yourself.

  1. Clean

Nothing is a bigger turn-off than dirt and grease in the kitchen. A deep cleaning of the sink, floor, inside appliances, and all surfaces is a miserable chore, but essential.