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Instant Granite offers vinyl countertop film that transforms your old and tired-looking countertop into a new and elegant one. Instant Granite is the best faux-granite solution available on the market today. It is the ready answer to the dream of many homeowners to upgrade their kitchen without having to spend a fortune.

Instant Granite Luna Pearl

The cost of real granite is prohibitive. Even if you can afford it, it will leave you with significantly less money to spend on the rest of your kitchen remodeling project. Instant Granite countertop film gives you the appearance of real marble or stone but only costs a small fraction of the real thing.

Instant Granite vinyl film has removable backing that is self-adhesive. It is very easy to install—even for a first time DIY-er. It can be used to cover countertops, tables, walls, and any other flat surface.

Instant Granite Luna Pearl is a popular choice among the different Instant Granite vinyl films. It has the original design of Luna Pearl granite from Spain. Luna Pearl Granite features a small intricate pattern of grays and whites. It is the perfect choice for your kitchen with its clean straight lines and soft grayish color blending gracefully in contemporary designs. Installing the covering will instantly transform your old countertops into sophisticated, new-looking ones.

Instant Granite Luna Pearl has a self-adhesive backing for easy installation and is made of top-of-the-line PVC vinyl. Thousands of homeowners have installed Instant Granite Luna Pearl with dazzling results.

Instant Granite comes with easy-to-understand installation instructions. You will also get links to online installation videos. The film is simple to wash with ordinary household cleaners. It is fade-resistant and will look new even after many years of use.

You can easily replace your countertop film anytime you get tired of it. Just peel it off, and install a new Instant Granite covering.