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Instant Granite White Italian Marble



Our No Bubble backing makes installation easier than other products. Easy removal w/o residue.

As seen on TV and recently mentioned in the New York Times (July 10, 2015) – this product will amaze you and your friends!

Instant Granite Film comes with installation tool, instructions, and links to videos.

Fade resistant, easy to clean with most household cleaner, removable and will not damage counters.


Instant Granite White Italian Marble has subtle veining and creates a clean and elegant look. The pattern is closer to Statuario Venato than Carrara or Calcutta. Instant Granite? transforms your counter tops, or any smooth surface, to granite in a matter of minutes. As seen on TV, this is the best faux granite solution on the market. Save your money! You can have granite-looking counter tops for a fraction of actual granite. Our No Bubble, removable, self-adhesive backing is preferred by professionals and makes installation easier than other products on the market. Use our vinyl to protect or update countertops, tables & floors. Use in bathrooms, kitchens, closets, laundry rooms, school projects, workshops, office, craft projects, & furniture. Cover cabinets, doors, countertops, shelves, & walls. Our PVC vinyl is top of the line, preferred by over 500 professionals, and now available for retail customers for home improvement projects. Thousands have tried it and loved it, you need to see if for yourself.


  • Can you cut on this? No. Make sure to treat this material like you would any laminate or Melamine counter top.
  • Will it melt? Yes it will melt at 190 degrees F. Make sure to use trivets like you would any counter top.
  • Can I use household cleaners like 409 or Windex? Yes, nothing abrasive.

*PLEASE NOTE: The natural vs artificial lighting of your kitchen and the fact that every computer monitor has a different capability to display colors, and because everyone sees these colors differently, the color of the product you receive may vary slightly inside your home. We accept unused returns for any reason. To make installation easier by preventing unnecessary seams, we will combine orders with multiple lengths into one piece of material up to 30 ft.

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  1. Jessica Kingsley

    My counters were outdated looking and needed some updates. I have always wanted marble counter tops, although I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg to do so. I had seen vinyl counter tops on Pinterest and wanted to try it out. This brand makes a good line. The marble is really pretty. If wasn’t the easiest to put down but when you get the hang of it.. it gets easier. Now if you mess up you can get a hair dryer to pull up. I have other projects I’m working on and will definitely be using this kind of vinyl. If you get bubbles, take a safety pin and sooth out out after busting it, it really helps.

    Product provided for inspection.

  2. Rhonda Greene

    We’ve finally gotten started on some much-anticipated changes around our kitchen! As part of the shuffle, we have been mostly using this tall table as a kitchen island because we lack sufficient counter space. So we covered the old, chippy surface with Instant Granite to make it look like it’s topped with a slab of stone!

    Instant Granite is a giant roll of adhesive-backed vinyl. It was pretty easy to apply, though there was a bit of a learning curve. We definitely got faster as we went; this project took us a total of about 45 minutes from start to finish, but if we had to do it again I think it would take even less time now that we’ve perfected the technique. You may want to practice on a smaller test surface first, especially for cutting corners, which is the part I found the hardest.

    The material seems very durable – I am interested to see how it holds up over long-term use. Meanwhile, this is a great solution to my counter space problem.

    I received this product free in exchange for an honest review.

  3. Yoon

    Alright so I spent quite a few hours changing the bathroom sink counter from the original green granite look to the NEW Instant Granite White Italian Marble woot!

    Thank you SO MUCH for including a lidco Mini Soft Spreader! It was such an extremely useful tool while installing my marble.

    You wouldn’t believe how many time I was lifting the instant granite up and down to get it just right… especially around the round sink!!! That was pretty difficult for me BUT I did git r done!

    I should have used one large piece but wasn’t feeling too confident in my abilities to install it with the sink in the way so I did it in 2 sections. Glad I did it this way except that the overlap, to me, was quite obvious.

    The bathroom lights are VERY bright btw so any errors are probably amplified. Who wants to mess things up when trying to make the bathroom like nice for mom? Plus family is arriving in 2 days so you just have to get everything just right.

    I tried to finish this before my mother woke up but she saw what I was doing at ~6AM. I was almost done at the time… she didn’t notice the overlap.

    I went to sleep at ~ 7AM and up again ~ 12PM. The overlap is not as noticeable now. There is a difference in color so I can easily distinguish between the 2 pieces, one part is whiter, the other is more greyish.

    I did use my blow dryer… was pretty neat. Using your finger to do touch-ups to your new countertop. Molding the ends and almost melting edges together.

    Next time I do a Reno… I’m definitely NOT going to do it by myself again! LOL (But what a great experience!)

    Make sure to have all the proper tools. I didn’t want to wake mom up to ask her where she kept her extra sharp tools… don’t use scissors like I did! For the main “slab” it won’t matter as much but if you need pieces for the sides (like if your counter isn’t just flat) then having exact edges is a must.

    I did mention to my mom that I could just lift the whole thing off but she seems to like it now that it’s installed (in my unboxing video you can hear how she didn’t like my choice of color AT ALL! LOL) and doesn’t want me to remove it.

    I did received a roll of White Italian Marble to test out and review.

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