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Everybody wants a beautiful kitchen, especially after seeing a newly built or remodeled one on home improvement shows or online. Photos of modern kitchens may make you green with envy and leave your own kitchen wanting in the balance.

Renovate Kitchen Without Breaking the Bank

(Pixabay / jarmoluk)

The problem is, a kitchen remodel can cost a fortune—particularly if you’re aiming for a high-end “dream kitchen” with all of the bells and whistles. Many people are quick to fund a kitchen remodel based on the prevailing belief that it will drive up the resale price of their home. While there is some truth to this idea, it may not be quite as advantageous as people believe. Trends over the past years have shown only a slight return on kitchen remodel investments.

If the structure of the home is good, what homeowners can do instead is to make small renovations that deliver a lot of bang for the buck. A few modest updates can transform the look of a kitchen without costing a lot.

Countertops can age a kitchen. Because of constant use, they may look worn out and abused long before other parts of the kitchen do. Even high-end granite countertops can lose their luster with time.

You may want to elevate your countertops to a granite finish for a classy, elegant look, but granite can deplete your savings. As an alternative to buying real granite to replace the old version, you can install Instant Granite vinyl that looks exactly like the real thing.

Installing Instant Granite countertops will set you back a fraction of the cost of original granite. The beauty of Instant Granite is that it can be applied quickly as a DIY project and removed without hurting the original surface. It’s a great way to rejuvenate your kitchen on a budget.