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Some people are happy with traditional decorating ideas, but others favor more creative self-expression. People can add a personal touch to the look and feel of their house by going out of the box.

Revamp Kitchen and Bathroom with Flair

(Pixabay / kirkandmimi)

There are many original options for kitchen and bathroom remodels. Here are just a few ideas to set your home apart from the rest.

  • Rotating sink – This custom-made rotating sink has a cutting board, a colander, and more. One part of the rotating sink is deep enough to function as a sink. It works well in the kitchen’s food preparation area or as an island sink. It may not be convenient for washing an abundance of dishes because of its small sink compartment, but you’ll love its versatility.
  • Carrera marble vanity – Consider a vanity made of Carrera marble with a hammered silver sink and faucet. The silver sink and accessories create a polished look and can add miles of class to a master bathroom.
  • Rustic kitchen – Go for a rustic look in your kitchen, complete with a gorgeous wide and shallow stone sink. The stone sink evokes a simple, natural look.
  • Rustic bathroom – Don’t stop with the kitchen. Extend the rustic style to your bathroom with an open vanity made of rough wood and topped with a natural stone sink. Choose an industrial-style faucet to complete your rough-hewn look.
  • Instant Granite countertops – Like the swanky look of granite but don’t have the budget for it? Install vinyl granite film. It resembles the real thing but costs just a fraction of the price. The Instant Granite countertop comes with adhesive backing and can be easily installed and removed without damaging the surface below.

Dare to be different. Express yourself with original design flourishes for a unique and striking home that speaks volumes about who you are.