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Spring is in the air, which may be prompting you to start cleaning projects that you may have neglected over the winter. Spring is a time of new beginnings, and you can breathe new order into your home as you complete projects to streamline your home and your life.

Spring Cleaning Ideas

(Pixabay / emetzner130)

Here are some tips to assist you in your spring cleaning endeavors:

  • Hang your clothes out to dry. Give your bedding a thorough wash and hang it out to dry in the sunshine. This will help brighten up dingy whites and give them a crisp, clean smell.
  • Remove the dust from your drapes by putting them in the dryer with a wet towel that will draw off the dust. Pull the drapes out of the dryer when they are warm, and hang them up right away so that they can dry wrinkle-free.
  • Remove lime build-up around your faucets by covering them with a paper towel soaked in vinegar. Let the towel sit for an hour. When you remove the towel, you will see that the lime deposits have softened for easy removal.
  • Use a mixture of soda water and salt to clean your refrigerator. The bubbles of the soda water and the abrasive property of the salt combine for a great cleaning agent.
  • Clean the blades of the ceiling fan by coating them with furniture polish. Lightly buff after wiping off the excess polish.
  • Clean your window screens with a piece of carpet. The carpet makes an efficient brush for removing the dirt that may have accumulated on your screens. For windows, make sure to use soap and water and a windshield squeegee to dry the glass effectively.

If your spring cleaning fails to give your home the new gleam that you’re hoping for, consider doing some low-cost upgrades. If your kitchen surfaces are dull or damaged, try covering them with Instant Granite vinyl film. The film is easy to apply and gives the look of marble or granite for a fraction of the price of the real thing.