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This time of the year, we are all switching out our seasonal clothing, getting rid of clutter around the home, detailing yards, etc . . . But one area of the house that often gets overlooked is the kitchen. We may clean out the fridge, maybe the stove, but that’s it. Many of us would love to swap out our appliances with new ones, but this isn’t in the budget for many of us.

However, there are inexpensive options to instantly transform the kitchen and give it a fresh new look for spring (or any season / occasion). You can use Instant Stainless, or Appliance Art appliance covers to update the look of your fridge or dishwasher. You can also use Instant Chalkboard to recover your fridge with a modern and useful look. Instant Chalkboard can be used to organize your cabinets. Apply it to the inside of the cabinet door to create a running inventory of your pantry and spices. You also can use Instant Granite to give your counter tops a new and elegant look.