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Holiday décor can enliven our home with the spirit of the season. You can buy your decorations or save money and make them on your own.

Spruce up House for the Holiday

(Pixabay / jill111)

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Give your patio a little love – If you live in a region with mild winters, you need not limit your holiday decorations to the inside of the house. You can bring the holiday spirit to your backyard patio or front porch. A little outdoor décor will endow your house with greater curb appeal and also give people a beautiful place to congregate if your house gets too crowded. Enliven the space with a Christmas tree, a piece of furniture and a pillow and throw for staying warm.
  • Adorn the entryway for a great first impression – Give everyone a warm welcome to your home by decorating your entryway with colorful poinsettias. Put a big Christmas wreath on the door, and make sure the area is well lit at night.
  • Light the way – Line the pathway to your home with solar lights or paper luminaries. Hang twinkling lights around the house for warmth and ambience.
  • Don’t forget the mailbox – Don’t leave your mailbox out of the fun. Make a statement by decorating it with garlands, ribbons and other Christmas trimmings.
  • Dress up your pendant lights – Pendant lights in your kitchen? Do not leave them bare. Draw the eye upward by glamming up the lights with evergreen garland and bright ribbon.

If your kitchen is looking a little weary, freshen it up with a new Instant Granite film countertop. The countertop covering looks like granite or marble but costs only a fraction of the price. It comes in a variety of colors and designs that mirror the intricate patterns of stone. Try Instant Granite’s White Italian Marble to invoke the look of snow for the holidays.