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The year 2017 has been a very successful one for Instant Granite as more and more customers have discovered our granite and marble vinyl countertop coverings. Our product is perfect for updating and protecting countertops in the kitchen, laundry room and other parts of the house. The product also works on other flat surfaces, including walls, cabinets, shelves and more.

Thanks for a Great Year

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Our Instant Granite countertop products cost just a fraction of the price of real stone surfaces. They are easy to clean with basic household cleaning products. They are fade-resistant. When you want a new design, you can simply remove the film without damaging the surface below. Then apply another one of our beautiful vinyl coverings that suits your fancy.

Instant Granite vinyl is easy to install with its bubble-free backing. Your order will come with simple installation instructions and a link to easy-to-follow website tutorials. A free squeegee will be provided as well.

Instant Granite comes in a wide variety of looks. All patterns were created using actual pieces of granite or marble. Our design team made high-resolution scans of real stone in developing the repeating pattern of the products. Our coverings are designed with great care and detail; they are not simply computer generated.

It has been a great year for our team here at Instant Granite. Our products have been featured by several high-profile media outlets, such as The New York Times’ Jane Green’s Creaky Cottage, HouseLogic, Woman’s World, Today, POPSUGAR and more.

Instant Granite can be purchased directly from the company or through the Amazon marketplace. This year, we also began selling our products through the Walmart marketplace.

We look forward to another record-breaking year in 2018 and thank you for your loyalty and patronage during the past year.