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Every second Sunday of May, we honor our mothers. This year, the big day falls on May 14, giving us all the opportunity to give back to the mothers and mother figures who have freely given their time and love to help us become the people we are.

Mothers Day

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In the rush of days, we often get so wrapped up in our to-do lists that we forget to take the time to recognize the people we love most. We may not think to call our mothers regularly or to thank them for their many sacrifices for us. Mother’s Day provides a great excuse to re-evaluate and deepen our relationship with one of the most important people in our lives.

In childhood, we often draw close to our mothers, but in the teenage years, we may pull away from those we love most. In our efforts to establish our identity, we may neglect even those who are dearest to us. Moms may not always say or do just what we want them to, but at the end of the day, it is often our mothers who are there through it all. They can provide unconditional love when we deserve it least.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

For Mother’s Day, we may find ourselves casting around for the perfect gift for Mom. No tangible gift can express the full spectrum of feelings we have for our mothers, but there are a number of presents that can make the day special for her. If you’re low on funds, consider giving the gift of time. You could wash her car, take her to run errands, help her with some gardening, or make her a fancy dinner. If she enjoys getting out, consider taking her to a play or concert or to a museum or botanical garden. If you plan to be out long, pack a picnic and stop along the way at a park.

Sentimental gifts are always a hit. Thanks to new phone apps, it’s not difficult to make a movie, piecing together photos and videos of family times together through the years. If you have a flair for the literary, consider writing her a poem, short story about a favorite memory, or a simple song.

You can also enliven your mom’s surroundings by buying her something for her home such as a wall hanging or table decoration. You could also help her with renovation products. Perhaps she needs a new finish for her countertops, a new light fixture, or a new coat of stain for her backyard deck. Seize the day to help Mom feel as loved and appreciated as she ought to be.