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The use of granite as a kitchen countertop material is quite new. Throughout history, granite has been used in building construction. For example, in Egyptian pyramids, granite was used to line the walls. The stone was not used for countertops until the 1980s. Today, granite is one of the most popular looks for kitchen surfaces. Granite countertops are associated with class and elegance.

History of Granite Countertops

(Pixabay / kirkandmimi)

The word ‘granite’ has its origin in the Latin word ‘granum,” which means grain. It refers to the crystalline grains of the various minerals found in granite. Most Americans associate granite with the red version of the stone native to Wisconsin. Red granite was a popular material for monuments and headstones. It is crushed to make decorative gravel. Black and green granite became popular when people started using granite for countertops.

Geologists have various standards for classifying granite. However, the construction and home renovation industry recognize all naturally-occurring rocks that are harder than marble as granite.
Granite is indeed hard and durable, as well as beautiful and elegant. One of its main drawbacks, however, is its price. Granite is a pretty penny. Even still, as soon as a few people began to use granite for their countertops, word spread quickly. Many people clamored for the stone, notwithstanding its hefty price tag.

Over the years, the popularity of granite countertops has spread worldwide. People love the material because it can resist pressure, and it lasts a long time. It brings timeless beauty to the kitchen. Granite today is the world’s most popular countertop material, overshadowing other materials, both manmade and natural.

If you want the look of granite in your kitchen but can’t afford it, consider Instant Granite vinyl film. You can apply it over your existing counter for the look of a sophisticated granite surface at a bargain price.