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Observed every third Monday in February, President’s Day is a federal holiday. The observance was originally established in 1885 to commemorate the birthday of George Washington, which is February 22. The celebration became known as President’s Day after it moved in 1971 in compliance with the Uniform Monday Holiday Act. Many states still celebrate separate holidays for Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and other presidents. President’s Day commemorates all U.S. presidents, past and present.

Instant Granite Presidents Day Deals

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The celebration of Washington’s birthday began in 1800, a year after the first president died. In his honor, a holiday was born on February 22 commemorating Washington’s birthdate. Washington is regarded as one of the most influential figures in American history. The celebrations of his birth, however, were unofficial. Senator Steven Wallace Dorsey sponsored a bill to make Washington’s birthday an official celebration, and President Hayes signed a bill in 1879 turning it into law. The holiday was initially observed in the District of Columbia, but by 1885, it was extended nationwide.

President’s Day occurs close to the birthday of Abraham Lincoln, which falls on February 12. Like Washington, Lincoln remains one of the most famous and respected U.S. presidents.

As is common with other celebrations, marketers jump at the opportunity to promote their products over the President’s Day weekend. Stores offer discounts over the three-day weekend and promote products that may or may not have anything to do with U.S. presidents. In most corners of the country leading up to President’s Day, you will see posters and banners of businesses proclaiming deep discounts on merchandise. Online, you will see banner ads and other Internet marketing tools getting the word out about holiday sales.

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