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Instant Granite vinyl film is a very popular DIY project material for countertop upgrades at home and in offices. It is very difficult to tell the difference between Instant Granite and the real deal. There’s a big difference in the price tag, however. You can upgrade your old countertop with granite or marble vinyl film for a fraction of the cost of real stone.

Instant Granite Reviews

Instant Granite products have received extensive media coverage due to their popularity among DIY-ers. Our products allow you to transform your old and tired countertops into Instant Granite in a matter of minutes.

Here’s some of the buzz from bloggers and DIY-ers about Instant Granite:

Lisa Kaplan Gordon at HouseLogic:

Kaplan had a salvaged countertop from a demolition project that was rust-stained, scratched, and sad-looking. She could not replace it with real stone because it was not within her budget, so she opted for our faux granite product, which cost her less than $100.

She ordered 18 square feet of the Ubatuba vinyl film, which came with a utility knife and a plastic squeegee for easy installation. She installed the Instant Granite film using the wet install to allow her to reposition the film as needed. When she got to the corners, she used a hair dryer to soften the film, allowing it to grasp the lip. All told, she installed the film in about an hour.
According to Kaplan, “Compared to my old countertop, the new faux top looks 100 percent better. In fact, after I finished the install, a neighbor dropped by and oohed and aahed and thought it was real Ubatuba.”

Emily Siegel at PopSugar:

“Most rental kitchens have laminate countertops. They’re ugly, synthetic, and remarkably prone to scratches and stains,” said Siegel. She went on to encourage readers to buy Instant Granite products. According to Siegel, “It’ll have your kitchen looking Housewives ready in an hour. And if someone as uncoordinated as me can install these bad boys, something tells me it’s an attainable dream.”

Julie Pennel at TODAY:

Pennel had advice for people with unsightly bathroom surfaces, based on the experience of the well-known “Sequins and Scissors” blogger:

“The blogger… transformed her vanity with a heavy vinyl covering called Instant Granite, which is a temporary solution for hiding unsightly counters.”

Pennel included a tutorial to help DIY-ers learn how to apply Instant Granite.

The experts love this product, and we believe you will, too. It’s a low-cost, low-fuss way to bring glamour to your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and more.