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Many people see the newly built and remodeled kitchens in magazines or on television and desire the same look in their house. The idea is that the investment will be returned when the house is sold. However, this is an erroneous assumption. For the past five years, the average return on investments in remodels, is around 60%. So if your kitchen is functional, it may not be wise to remodel the entire kitchen.

You can achieve a fresh new look without a remodel. Appliance Art sells a variety of patterned and colored covers for your fridge and dishwasher. These are cheap and easy to install and can make your appliance match and looking new. Instant Stainless is an option for a sleek and modern look for your appliances. You can easily give your counter tops a new and elegant look using Instant Granite. These options, may not increase the value of your home greatly, but your return on investment will be higher.